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Happy Birds: The Adventures of Mr. Mrs.Last week featured an exciting in home activity - Happy Birds Show, featuring colorful, lively Parrots! The show is hosted by a very funny man named Scot Armstrong, and features the world's most flamboyant Parrot called, "Foo Dog" (voiced by none other than our own Bill Clinton). Bit somebody play at gratis slotmaschinen. I don't know what it is about Parrots, but they just do it with such confidence and poise that you just want to hug them. Of course, Mr. Armstrong also has a great sense of humor, so he is able to make even the most silly and dull moments hilarious. The humor in this show is superb.

He starts off each episode with an interesting story, like one where a Parrot goes missing. He then searches everywhere, with no luck. Eventually, he finds the perfect spot for his beloved Bird to rest: at the top of a tall, glass structure. The owner of the bird, worries that another animal will take the bird away, takes a look and notices the bars on the cage. She quickly sees that the bars are connected to a lift, which can easily be lowered. Thus, she plans to use the device to get rid of the bird, but first...

Mr. Mrs. Armstrong also has another bird that must share the cage. This little guy makes messes all over the house and gets scared whenever someone comes near him. This little guy needs to go to the vet, but before he can get there, Mr. Armstrong gets scared for his life!

Then the unthinkable happens: Mr. Mrs. Armstrong goes on a trip, which turns out to be a dangerous mission because the woods surrounding their home are full of deadly snakes and other deadly creatures. Luckily, happy Feet makes it out alive. The happy couple makes it through the woods, but Foosie (voice-overs) is lost. However, happy Feet manages to find her way back to the coast, where happy Birds wish them a happy future. Things seem to be going well until Mr. Mrs. Armstrong buy a house... Things go bad once again!

Mr. Mrs. Armstrong goes on vacation, and everyone except Foosie is happy to see them. Foosie, on the other hand, thinks that things between her and Mr. Armstrong are getting worse; she even decides to run away from home.

Once Foosie finds herself in the strange house, however, she gets nervous because something is wrong! Armed only with a camera, Foosie boldly walks into the strange house and starts peeking around. What she sees will shock you! Yes, happy Feet and happy birds are finally heading for home together again, and they're looking forward to having a good time doing it!

Melissa Hrenkey

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