Top Rated Weed Seeds for All Bud Types

The marijuana industry has been booming in the United States. In 2016, it was a $7 billion industry and is expected to grow to $23 billion by 2020.


Weed seeds are the essential part of weed cultivation. They are the first thing that any weed grower needs to purchase and plant in order to grow cannabis plants.

There are many types of weed seeds available on the market. The most popular ones include:

- Regular cannabis seeds: These seeds can be grown into a typical marijuana plant with a high level of THC. They can also be used as a starter kit for those who want to start cultivating weed but don't know how to do so yet.

- Feminized cannabis seeds: These types of weed seeds can only produce female plants, which means that they won't produce pollen and therefore won't pollinate other plants or create seeds that will grow into male plants. This is perfect for those who want to cultivate their own marijuana without any.

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