These things need to be clear to players who just joined Madden 21

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In the current Madden 21, completing more challenges first is relatively the best way for newcomers to adapt to the game. It is much better to realize your own growth through actual combat than to talk on paper. And they can earn MUT 21 Coins while accumulating game experience. It is mainly determined based on the player's own strength. When they are strong enough to challenge those superstars, it means that they have entered the forefront of all powerful Madden players.

After playing in the game for a while, players will gradually find that it allows themselves to form their own team lineup at will, which is the famous Ultimate Team mode. In the future, if players want to continue to enhance the lineup, they can invest their existing training points and Madden Coins on certain players to promote the overall competitiveness of the lineup. Madden Ultimate Team also has several other ways to allow players to test their competitive spirit in live matches.

It is true that players who are proficient in Madden gameplay and rhythm usually have full confidence and strength to complete various challenging tasks. But those newbies who have just entered Madden 21 not long ago generally don't have the capital to overcome these difficulties that are already difficult for them. And the opponents who can help them make progress in the game are very rare.

Under the Madden 21 Ultimate team, these novices can also configure different players in the team according to their wishes, like other old players. For example, some players admire the ultimate offensive way to win, then they can replace the players in their lineup with players who are good at offensive, and the same is true for players who like to win by defense. This will help players focus on the players they should pay attention to, and it is very useful for novices who keep the goals and directions of the new generation in mind.

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