My Second Question Was Seeing the Graphics Along with OSRS

My Second Question Was Seeing the Graphics Along with OSRS



My second question was seeing the graphics along with RuneScape Gold . Obviously the old graphics have a high value but I'd personally love to see images but maintain the same to the mechanisms. This being said is there some idea about updating the graphics but keeping the mechanisms the same or maybe even offering players the option between graphics? Hey all love the comeback of OSRS. On the software development side, it is my perception that OSRS began as a backup. I'm a developer myself, and I had been considering just how much a maintenance nightmare that'd be at my work - if you had a newer project.

Are you currently repairing things in OSRS which were already fixed years ago? I am curious, do you find yourself scouring through legacy RS3 code to see the way a classic bug was repaired in RS2? We done that. Take Barbarian Assault - on the launch of OSRS in 2013, we knew that the minigame was vulnerable to players because that'd happened in 2008+. We locked the minigame, and informed players it'd be opened after a few months when we'd fixed that. The dev doing this certainly lifted some code out of RS3 for it, since we afterwards got reports that the Barbarians in OSRS had any dialogue about Constitution, which wouldn't have been present from the 2007 version!

Also, more recently, when fixing some exploit involving gnomeball, we sent a message into the RS3 personnel to check that they had fixed it into their game, and they replied that I had actually done, in about 2012, and forgotten all about it. So there is overlap, but it is relatively rare. But we do battle with legacy systems occasionally, resulting in the occasional rewrite - I rewrote the OSRS Slayer mission code around 2014-5, which makes it much easier to plug in a number of the upgrades players desired, which was well worth it, but players had to accept it took a while and had a few knock-on effects on job chances.

I have a memory in my mind that is so eccentric, I'm not certain whether or not it really occurred. A thousand or so years ago, back in Runescape Classic, when fall parties were held in the upstairs of this Varrock Museum, I remember a period several months prior to RS2 was declared, when a Jagex Mod walked to buy osrs gp the celebration from the opposite side of this wall (that was black back in these days), also advised us about RS2 and the type of upgrades which were planned for it until it was made public understanding.