What are you going to be using this armour to do?

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I'm unsure of what OSRS GP to do however, and in reality I'm just looking for an opportunity to be a top priority. I'm done with PvP until Jagex can fix the PJ system PvM is the way I'll roll.

I've seen the damage caused by soak - and, really, it's just not entertaining to me. One of the reasons I'm going with Elysian. (14 percent soak, -200. E.g. 300 hits will only soak 14 dmg. 14% soak is the "20 20% soak" that's what it says in The KB.

If I've not already said this, once I've gotten Elysian, I'll dungeon to 99 then maybe 120. If you say "BUT you failed to achieve 120!" well, as I said this is a longer term target. 1-2 years. Just wondering on thoughts. Need some explanations for either one, not just one "ELY" and "99 DUNG" comment. This is why I'm looking for a reasons - not an exact answer. Sorry for any confusion I invite you to post any information or ask me questions about this.

Okay, thank you guys. I'll replace the toktz ket-xil with a dragon defender, and also dharok's body since the guthan's provides the same amount of defense and is cheaper. And yes, I will be saving up to buy fury...

Are there any other suggestions? I'd like to have them. If you're looking for that 77 str to get to 80 but you cannot do it by whipping. I recommend a saradomin blade (ss) or, in the event that you don't have the cash, a scimmy/d defender combination. If you're not able to or don't want to yet complete the monkey madness adventure, then i suggest either a brac blade, or a d long in case you're really struggling to find the cash.

What are you going to buy old school rs gold be using this armour to do? If training without taking much risk of injury (pest control) I do not suggest using barrows. Consider getting an opponent torso to train since it's 4 str. It takes a while to purchase, but the investment is worth it, and the mini game is fun. If you're likely to fight or kill in safety (castle battles, duels) then i suggest the armor that is listed above.



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