What are the benefits of pets in Lost Ark to players?

What are the benefits of pets in Lost Ark to players?

In Lost Ark, one of the biggest quality of life improvements players can take advantage of are pets. They will always follow the player, automatically grabbing any toilets that fall on the ground. Pets can also remotely access the player's storage, send mail from anywhere, and even provide players with small combat buffs. Any loot dropped on the ground while the pet is active will automatically be put into the player's inventory.

The auto-looting aspect of pets is a core feature that players can find on all pets, paid or not. Combat perks and other utility effects require a Crystal Aura subscription. All Cheap Lost Ark Gold players can earn epic-quality pets for free by completing quests in Lost Ark. Players need to go to the Working Achatemeow NPC located in the center of Prideholme to start the quest.

If the player misses this quest, there is also a wizard quest unlocked at level 50, which upon completion will give a walking egg pet. Players can summon any pet they own, and if the player activates the Crystal Aura, they can automatically loot nearby items and gain additional buffs. Players can also earn additional pets by completing limited-time events or purchasing pets in the Cash Shop.

Each pet in Lost Ark has two combat effects. One effect is defensive in nature, while the other is based on increasing the player's damage output. These effects roll randomly the first time the player gets a pet. If the player's pet doesn't have the stats the player wants, the Lost Ark Gold player can reroll the pet effect at the Working Achatemeow NPC in Prideholme.

Players who activate the Crystal Aura buff can use each of their pets to gain additional benefits, such as the ability for players to repair their own trade tools and standard equipment from anywhere, providing offensive and defensive buffs to the player's character. Also, if the player is worried about the lack of Lost Ark Gold in the game, MMOWTS will solve all the worries of the player, their professional service is always satisfactory.


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