Cleveland Browns at New York Giants Madden 21 Simulation

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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted professional and university movements. But sports in virtual sports fields and courts are booming. Video game publisher EA Sports said that the number of players participating in the Madden NFL 21 released on August 28 increased by 13%. This is a popular game all year round, which makes it attract players to re-enter the game every once in a while. Don’t worry even if they are behind in the game, they can Buy Madden 21 Coins from third-party websites

Will the New York Giants recover after losing to the Arizona Cardinals? When the Cleveland Browns went to New Jersey to participate in the Sunday night football game, the Giants were currently responding to the COVID outbreak and injuries in key areas. To help us determine the Giants’ chance of success this weekend, we ran a simulation in the game.

Since Daniel Jones is currently listed as a suspicious person and has recovered from two injuries, I decided to start Colt McCoy. Surprisingly, this decision did not slow down New York as it did with the Seahawks. Both teams exchanged points in the first half, thus tightening with a score of 13-10. McCoy used a 38-yard touchdown to push Darius Slayton away. For Brown, the 20-10 lead is clearly insurmountable.

In order to regain the momentum, Baker Mayfield hit Donovan Peoples-Jones after a two-minute warning. A failed kick is enough to allow the Giants to maintain a 20-17 lead after the time expires. The best performer in this simulation was Wayne Gallman, who rushed for 114 yards and scored. Darius Slayton also contributed 87 receiving yards. The Giants need a victory against the Browns to bridge the gap between them and the Washington football team. Players who want to make up for their game strength can go to GameMS to buy Madden NFL 21 Coins.

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