Where This Path of Exile Build Truly Shines

Where This Path of Exile Build Truly Shines



We love a good assassin build since there's nothing really like slipping up on an unsuspecting victim and sliding a sword across their jugular. Where this POE Currency  build truly shines, however, is in its own enemy wave clearing capacities. As a result of the Frost Blades, you'll strike an enemy and fire a volley of projectiles behind the shattered foe. There's a great deal to it, which means that you can check out Reload's thread for an in-depth breakdown, but here are some fundamentals.

You'll want to start out as a shadow for this one, and then go the way of the assassin once you gain access to an ascendancy, which occurs after beating the Labyrinth for the first time. As soon as you've been one with the assassin, pick up the Ambush Assassinate, Opportunistic, Unstable Infusion, and Deadly Infusion perks on the update tree.To the great surprise of nobody, the centerpiece of the construct is the Frost Blades weapon. Fortunately, getting these icy daggers is a cakewalk -- just speak to Nessa after finishing the Enemy at the Gate pursuit in Act 1. You won't have the ability to select the thing up as a witch, marauder, or a templar -- but if you've picked the shadow class you are going to be fine.

Regarding support gems, look to pick up the Ancestral Call so your attacks damage two neighboring enemies at the same moment. Then proceed to get an Additional Cold support gem to include more cold damage to your attacks. Ultimately, pick up a Hypothermia stone and you will do much more harm with strikes against chilled enemies, even more cold damage over time, and have the chance to freeze enemies which are already chilled. If you're fighting a boss, look at swapping out Hypothermia for a Ruthless stone and each third attack you do would deal much more damage.

Apart from the Frost Blades, there aren't any items you ardently need for this build -- you mainly want to concentrate on the stats that come with them. First and foremost, try and get at least 300 accuracy on one piece of gear. -- especially when doing so chops foes on your wake. If that's your kind of thing, you will be pleased to know that this Cheap POE orbs  build will have you ever twirling about like an armoured and ravenous Crash Bandicoot. The key to the construct is your Cyclone capability, and we will scaling physical damage, life, and layers of harm where we could. That way, we will do lots of damage while being in a position to facetank a good piece of hurt ourselves.