Vacuum Hydraulic Presses

Vacuum Hydraulic PressesVacuum Hydraulic Presses

Macrodyne Vacuum presses are custom heavy-duty hydraulic molding presses with vacuum chamber enclosure to remove air from the pressing chamber, reducing the amount of heating, pressure, and bumping required to produce uniform and consistent parts. These vacuum presses can be configured for both compression molding and lamination applications, offering precision molding solutions for wooden laminate, rubber, electronic circuit, plastic, composite, and panel industries, for which repeatability and precision are a priority.Get more news about vacuum hydraulic machine,you can vist our website!

Macrodyne Vacuum Molding presses are available with heated platens that apply uniform pressure for bonding layered materials. The vacuum system combined with the heated platens ensure complete removal trapped air and other volatile materials, creating a robust material. Our Vacuum Molding Presses provide precise control of platen motion and feature multi-step profiling including speed control, pressure control with variable ramp rates between profiles for highly configurable process control. The High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems captures a variety of data points including pressure, heat, date/time, and other process outputs as desired by the Buyer.


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