Enhance the runescape API for users and clans

Right now I have hobbled together a hacky whacky discord bot for our RuneScape Gold clan,



Right now I have hobbled together a hacky whacky discord bot for our RuneScape Gold   clan, I am scraping the public clan indicator (html) in their site for user's,online status, membership status,rank, and ign(to coincide with my database). The membership status has to be asked after the page loads within an ajax call. An ajax call that loads everything else already. Then I'm scratching every users runemetrics profile to the capped/visited in adventurers log, Along with levels and quests. This way I can declare in chat if clanmembers quests and attain + 99 levels that are 10-20-30etc.

Up to now I can let clanmates do quests and skills for an summary of the stats, together with capped and caps for indicating you've capped at citadel and record of caps with rudimentary verification(as much as runemetrics allows tbh). I'm scratching each person RuneScape players runemetrics profile every 5 minutes and the people clanpage/online standing every moment. As a programmer I am equally amazed at what I have managed to achieve and disgusted by how things operate on their side. Runescape is a social sport and discord brings it together.

I have to imagine Jagex did not expect anyone beyond their number to really must call to the API.

And like RuneScape sport itself, the website is just nineteen years of accumulated spaghetti, piled up since the times when Andrew Gower cooked up that first bowl of glorious ramen. I can not say I am overly hopeful that the head honchos in Jagex are willing to invest in finally paying off these nineteen years of specialized debt, even as they break two seemingly unrelated parts of OSRS gold mobile   game for every one they spot, week upon week. Jagex's developers seem plenty occupied only keeping up with all the insatiable monetisation demands of the investors, and as they hemorrhage talent from the chaos of a change of possession, they can barely afford to then crank out new material in addition to all that. At least, that is the narrative that I stick by to help myself sleep soundly at night.