Why DoesA Child Need An OSSD in Ontario?

You might be wondering about the OSSD program (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)when you look to send your child to high school.

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You might be wondering about the OSSD program (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)when you look to send your child to high school.It is a piece of paperbut seems to be governing your child’s future. It will take up the majority of the formative years in the education system. It is actually important for your child to receive their OSSD diploma.  

There are plentiful reasons behind it, as your child gets a benefit after completing their secondary education and after obtaining an OSSD certificate.Let’s explore the important reasons why your child needs to complete this educational milestone.  

What is OSSD? 

TheOntario Secondary School Diploma is the diploma to give high school students upon the completion of their studies successfully. To qualify for OSSD program the students must complete 18 credits in subjects such as English, math, science, Canadian history, and French language. They must also complete their literacy test at least with 75% passing marks. Additionally, they must also complete 40 hours of community service in their local area.

It helps with educational programs and assists with charitable events. It is an excellent way to teach students about being a part of the civil discourse and becoming a contributing member of society. An OSSD certificate receives at the end of the 12th. It is recognized as the confirmation of secondary school completion.  

OSSD Is Necessary For Attending University and College

One of the main benefits of obtaining the OSSD certificate is to get entrance in the best university and college of Ontario and Canada. The educational institutions will require valid certificatesto consider applications for the OSSD programs. The education tasks in university and college even go further than what is required in high school. Successfully completing OSSD is considered to be ready for further education. It is a simple matter of pass or fail. Hence, universities will look at a child's academic performance in the top 6 courses to accept into their desired programs.  

OSSD is Required for Trade 

It is one of the generic alternativesto continue into post-secondary education of a skilled trade. Skilled trading includes professions like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, types of construction work, and more. Ontario is one of the industrial capitals of Canada; if you want to become a skilled tradesperson then it is perfectly a valid option foryou. A skilled trade still requires the completion of the OSSD to continue into the profession. With over 150 skilled trades programs, the majority of those programs are required to have an OSSD certificate. Getting this qualification is vital to continue into the workforce after secondary school. 

The Final Words:

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