Get an Abbysal Whip... Very costly, but really useful.

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While linear arrangement is easiest, in some instances doing floors non-linearly is essential, especially if you do some training solo and also some in groups, or you operate with numerous players in various teams. It may be that you just reset progress and wish to play with a buddy who has done floor 1 and floor two in his present run. It would be a waste for him to replay them (he would find the zero prestige punishment ), so you would likely agree to do floor 3 with him, then go back and RS gold do 2 and 1 on your own later.Hello, I am looking at starting to do barrows but all of the research I do doesnt really make alot of sence. What I am looking for is: What other pursuit should I do (if any) What new equipment should I get? How should I combat the brothers (includding order and approaches ) How should I put up my inventory? I would love to use a maximum of 2m but if needed I will use another 500k.

Quests: If you are thinking about doing Barrows regularly, In Search of the Myreque will be quite important. Optionally, you can also finish In Help of the Myreque to get access to Burgh De Rott. Desert Treasure are also helpful (for Ice Burst) but is again not neccessary. So get In Search of the Myreque completed, the other two are optional.

Equiptment: Only from taking a look at your current equiptment, I will tell you may be short on money. Some general modifications you can make are updating the Rune/Dragon armour to Barrows armour, especially Guthans (for set effect) or Torags (for exceptional defence bonuses). It's necessary to have boots/gloves/cape because every incentive counts. I'd purchase Dragon Boots, or Rune, Rock Climbing, or Adamant. I would then purchase a Regen Brace, a Combat Brace or EVEN Leather Gloves, for the Extra bonus. For a cape I'd strongly suggest an Obsidian Cape, however a God Cape (from Mage Training Arena), or any other cape will suffice. Personally, I would change the Dragon Medium Helm into some Helm of Neitiznot, Berserker Helm, or a Dragon Total Helm for additional, more useful bonuses. Also (this might be the most crucial thing)... Get an Abbysal Whip... Very costly, but really useful.

I do not have much experience at Barrows, so you will probably want someone else to enlighten you about the following: Order: The most generally accepted order of murdering the Barrows brothers is: Dharok, Karil, Ahrim, Verac, Torag, Guthan. You will NEED to plead against Dharok, Karil, and likely Ahrim. You could also choose to pray against the other three. Good Luck. 43 Prayer is essential but 70 is useful for Piety. There are 2 main ways of barrowing - Slayer Dart, and Dark Salamander. Black sallies need 70 in robes, magical, and attack. Their ammunition is Harralander Tar and it is extremely effective, but may be quite costly based upon your magic level. Slayer dart requires 55 slayer, and it's principally used because when you loot the chest, you have a high chance of getting the runes for slayer dart ( 1 departure rune/4 brain runes per cast.) Use your magical attack. Karil: if you have leftover prayer, then utilize shield from missiles (Piety also helps a lot in this scenario). Switch to cheap OSRS gold your melee weapon to kill him. Ahrim: if you have leftover prayer, then utilize protect from magic. Equip D'Hide, along with a crossbow or the shameful sally ranged style. Verac: if you've got leftover prayer, use it on protect from melee. Take advantage of your mage design in great melee defence gear (Rune+). Guthan: use your mage style in melee armour. Torag: use your mage style in melee armour.


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