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OK HSK is a scientific and effective HSK software to help you prepare for HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 and HSK 6 easily.

OK HSK is a scientific and effective HSK software to help you prepare for HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 and HSK 6 easily.
This is the popular product of 世纪方程.

APK file size of this app is 15M, and we suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when downloading to save your 3G data. OK HSK works with Android "4.4" and higher version, so please check your system before you install it. 
The latest update of this app's APK file is on Jan 4, 2022. If you have any trouble with OK HSK, feel free to go 世纪方程 website and contact to developer. We hope you enjoyed this apps and rate it or share with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

HanyuShuipingKaoshi (HSK for short)
HSK is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers of Chinese, also known as the HanyuShuipingKaoshi. The test forms are written HSK or machine-tested HSK. You need to pass HSK HanyuShuipingKaoshi before you can study or work in China. HSK 4, HSK 5 or HSK 6 are usually required to enter Chinese universities.

# How to practice at OK HSK?

OK HSK has dozens of full sets of past exam papers, including special training and past exam paper training. In fragmented time, you can brush up on a special training, including HSK listening and HSK reading when waiting for the bus, so that you can practice at will; In the whole time, you can do a set of questions to help you simulate the real HSK test scenario, and you will have an overall understanding of the HSK test process and question type.

# Through our application, you can get:
■Simulation exercises+past exam papers continuously updated by HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 to HSK 6

At HSK 1 level, you will master Chinese pronunciation, learn necessary new words and build basic communication skills;

At HSK 2 level, you will master the basic Chinese, and you can communicate effectively in everyday scenarios;

At HSK 3 level, you will master the conversation in daily life and start to communicate in academic and work environments;

At HSK 4 level, you can communicate with local people on a wide range of topics and develop language skills needed to enter Chinese universities or work in Chinese companies;

At HSK 5 level, you can demonstrate in Chinese, read and write fluently, and deal with unfamiliar situations confidently and effectively;

At HSK 6 level, you can express your opinions freely in Chinese, and you can accurately enter excellent universities in China or work at the top of Chinese companies.

Special training, optional question learning, which can be listening, reading or writing;

Simulation exercises, which are obtained by senior teachers combined with many years of experience, are very suitable for you.

OK HSK will continuously update HSK content and share the rich Chinese culture, you will love studying at OK HSK. This is not only a platform for learning, but also a Chinese partner who is always with you.

Thank you and enjoy OK HSK now!


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