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Buy premium quality healthy snacks online @FitttR Bites- we offer the nutritious yet delicious peanut chikki bars, millet cookies, instant health mixes, and beverages that are preservative free, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free. Try power-packed snacks to enjoy on the go.

Snack is one of the most popular and beloved terms of all, but what exactly does appetizer mean? A snack usually refers to any meal consumed between meals. Almost everyone eats snacks at least once a day, and there are several reasons for this. But is there anyone out there who doesn't like snacks? Everyone loves snacks, but many limit snacks due to side effects. You can have healthy snacks that are tasty yet wholesome.

So, for those who limit the number of snacks, try peanut chikkis and healthy millet cookies. Understanding the hassles of people related to healthy diet, FittR Bites brings you the best ever nutritious food in the form of instant health mix ready to cook food products, breakfast mixes, especially healthy snacks including peanut jaggery chikki bars and millet cookies, etc. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of eating peanut chikkis and millet biscuits as snacks. Before that, let us see why people eat snacks? People like to eat well for many reasons. 


But out of all of these two main reasons people eat snacks, they are hungry and want to satiate their taste buds. In addition, there are other factors that push people to eat snacks such as the occasion, social environment, weather, availability of food, etc. Many people, when asked why they choose snacks? So the most common causes may be temptation, feelings of weakness and lack of energy. 


People usually think of snacks as processed foods that are high in calories. So, if you enjoy snacks but are limited due to their high calorie content, then FittR offers the best mouth-watering and healthy snacks like millet cookies and peanut chikki bars. 

Have you ever tried bringing cakes or ice cream to work as a snack? No, this will not be the most convenient option. Instead, you can easily transfer millet cookies anywhere, anytime. You can put millet biscuits in a bag and easily take them to the office or anywhere else as a snack. 


FittR’s Millets biscuits are made with pure ingredients that include millets, jaggery, dry fruits, clarified butter which will just not stop your sweet cravings but also satisfy your hunger and will also bring many benefits. FittR offers the finest ready to cook food products, instant health mixes and ready-to-eat foods like cookies, chikki bars at affordable prices. 


It is well known that we all love ethnic food and it is enjoyed by people all over the world. There are many varieties of healthy and delicious food, sweets and snacks in India. 


One of them is chikki, one of the most loved healthy and delicious Indian eateries. Chikki are made with wholesome local ingredients such as peanuts, palm sugar and other natural ingredients.  Chikkis online are delicious Indian traditional snacks that are a combination of essential nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins, and more that provide excellent health and beauty benefits. So, here are the benefits of a healthy and tasty chikki. FittR offers the finest chikkis online, made with natural ingredients without tampering. 

Health benefits 

  • Rich in protein
  • Rich in vitamins minerals 
  • Good for heart bone health healthy essential fats 
  • Great alternative to fruits vegetables
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Improves metabolism 
  • Strengthens muscles 
  • Relieves from menstrual cramps


You can take packs of chikki bars or millet cookies anywhere for an instant break. It can satisfy hunger and provide many health benefits. FittR is one of the renowned suppliers of instant health mixes, wholesome meals and convenience foods, offering a wide range of healthy snacks and beverages online. We use natural ingredients and follow traditional Indian cooking procedures. 


We keep the quality bar at a high level and do our best to produce high quality products. The products we supply are classified into three types: millet-based instant health mixes, ready-to-eat foods, and beverages. Explore FittR to buy scrumptious wholesome meals. All the products we offer are affordable and made with the finest ingredients. Chikki and millet biscuits are some of the best ready-to-eat meals that are super easy to carry and provide a variety of health benefits.   


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