Know Everything About FUE Hair Transplantation

Is hair loss giving you sleepless nights, and you are looking for a reliable Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic? Read this post on everything you need to know about the FUE hair transplant.

What is FUE Hair Transplant? 

Hair loss is a common condition among people of age. It normally affects people persons above 50 years. However, in rare cases, it may affect younger age groups below 50 years. To restore lost hair, hair treatment therapy is required. Among them is Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a more advanced method compared to Follicular Unit Transplantation because it doesn't involve little hair transplant surgical procedures. FUE hair transplant involves removing healthy hair follicles from one area of the body and placing them in areas where there is hair deficiency. 

Before the FUE hair transplant procedure is done at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic, anesthesia is applied to the donor area through injection. After that, hair follicles are removed one-by-one from that region. The doctor then moves to the bald area and injects it with anesthesia. Using a micro-needle, several tiny incisions are made, which follow a particular shape. The last step is where grafts are placed inside the incisions.


A hair transplant procedure happens in two phases at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. The first phase is the extraction phase, and the second phase is the plantation phase. The extraction phase is where hair from the donor area is removed. The plantation phase, which happens immediately after the first phase, involves placing the removed hair into the bald area's incisions. The bald area is also called the recipient area and is where the plantation phase happens. 


Who is Eligible for FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction is for persons looking to treat hair loss conditions such as alopecia and male patterned baldness. Widow's peak is another condition in women where this type of therapy is efficient. Those who require eyelashes or eyebrows transplants can also use this procedure. If you are a man and need to grow beards or a mustache, FUE is a great method. 


What Areas of Hair can be Transplanted?

The areas around the scalp and the back of the donor's head are where hair can be transplanted. These specific areas are picked because they can withstand balding. These areas of the head will still grow hair even after extraction. 


FUE From the Patient's Perspective 

Treating hair loss using Follicular Unit Extraction Hair transplant procedure has many benefits to the patient. Some of these benefits include short recovery time, the scars on the donor area are almost invisible because they are tiny, and stitch removal is not needed. The patient can also use body hair in the FUE procedure to add hair density. If the patient has pre-existing scars of strip surgery, this technique will cover them. 


How Does FUE Therapy Work?

We have what we call follicular units in our skin, which are small groups of hair growth. When the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles performs Follicular Unit Extraction, he draws or extracts multiple follicular units on the patient's donor area. This is done at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic with the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles using a circular punch tool, which leaves hardly visible and very tiny holes. Since stitches are not needed, it will leave no scars.


Recovery Time After The FUE Procedure 

When the procedure is done, it will take about five days for grafts to heal. The patient is required to use antibiotics to prevent infections for four days. When outdoors under direct sun, the patient is supposed to wear a baseball cap for two weeks after the FUE procedure. 

The patient also needs to take rests regularly between 7-14 days. What determines the rest time is how fast or slow the patient heals and the procedure's magnitude. 

The patient should expect the desired results from the procedure with minimal side effects. It is also an excellent procedure because it allows patients to restore hair in lost areas naturally and first. 



Patients prefer the Follicular Unit Extraction because it leaves no linear scars, takes a shorter time to recover, plus it allows you to grow back hair naturally on affected areas. If you are interested in this hair loss procedure, look for the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles who offers exemplary services. 

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