WOW TBC Classic: How to use Mooncloth to make gold

WOW TBC Classic: How to use Mooncloth to make gold

In WOW TBC Classic, Mooncloth is an item used with the tailor class. This feature is especially useful if the player is a DPS character, or if the player is a character with a class that uses cloth to dress. Through tailoring, players can make full use of three kinds of fabrics, one of which is the highly sought after Mooncloth. Players should always keep in mind that these clothes have a cool-down period that lasts for several days.

Therefore, as players anticipated in advance, demand will be high. Of course, besides tailors, there are many other useful classes. So, it boils down to the question of whether players should sell their Mooncloth piles now, or keep them for TBC. With the cooldown removed and rumors of inefficient recipes, players really won't need it as they thought.

There is a saying that players can save it to make WoW Classic bags, but players also have cheap alternatives, such as Netherweave bags, so players don’t need Mooncloth. However, TBC Classic Gold is a very important product in the game, and players having a considerable number of goals are critical to entering the next expansion. Of course, players should also sell as much as possible to accommodate expansion.

Players can use the auction house to flip WoW TBC Classic items in the game. Focus on plundering materials and buy them when prices are low on weekends. After this, players can wait until the raid is reset, when the demand for them will be higher. The materials are also very helpful. By making the items the player is looking for, the player will surely get gold coins immediately.

It is worth noting that during this period players should focus on getting TBC Classic Gold, rather than worrying about what Mooncloth offers new players when they enter TBC. If players want to quickly get WOW TBC Classic Gold in a short time, it is a very wise choice to spend a little money to buy them from MMOWTS.


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