My name is Mark C. Dehart.

What is my favorite thing? Birthdays. No matter how old or young I am, I'm always a young boy.

 My name is Mark C. Dehart. What is my favorite thing? Birthdays. No matter how old or young I am, I'm always a young boy. When I was a child I remember my parents coming early in the morning and greeting me. Dad would always hold me close and offer a few kind words for the coming year. All his affection, tenderness, and fatherly love showed themselves right then. I did not need the extra attention all through the year. It's just on my birthday when I feel inadequate.

 I love my parents extremely and my dad is an example to me. What does my dad look like? It doesn't matter what you claim that your father is the most handsome and powerful. This is already evident to everyone. My father's looks are ordinary. He's medium in height, has short-cropped hair, an old hairstyle from the military and brown eyes with a dark undertone. It's not just the color of his eyes, the shape of them, but the expression with which they gaze at you that counts. Sometimes, my father looks at me with such a serious look that it makes me want to hide and not appear. Sometimes, there's a jolly laughter in his eyes or a light that's busy and eager. It's difficult to define the expressiveness of my father's eyes. What I can say is that I am very grateful I have his eyes.

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