Sex Doll Industry Sales Growth

You’ll find that despite the large sales volume of the flat chest sex doll industry and the growing interest of people

Sex Doll Industry Sales Growth

You’ll find that despite the large sales volume of the flat chest sex doll industry and the growing interest of people, it is still often seen as a taboo for men or women to own sex dolls. The reasons vary, but one of the prominent ones is that the idea of ​​sex dolls often reminds people of the inflatable explosive dolls of 1970. You know what I'm talking about is the kind of gift you give to your friend as a friend! Therefore, in essence, taboo thoughts are often attributed to ignorance. However, once skeptics see the realism of modern dolls and these sex dolls, their minds often change quickly!

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TPE is made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is a new technology comparable to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. When it comes to mini sex doll, it is a powerful and realistic tactile material. TPE can be stretched continuously and will return to normal immediately. TPE sex dolls are much softer than silicone dolls. It is much softer than other materials and can hold multiple positions due to its flexibility.
The skin of the sex doll may begin to appear or become sticky. As a result, it may also collect dust and debris. Over time, as the skin begins to suffer wear and tear, this is a naturally occurring problem. Fortunately, you can restore its former glory by applying baby powder or talcum powder. Also called "update powder".

Please make sure the doll is dry before use, otherwise the powder may clump and become a paste. If this happens, the desired effect will not be achieved. In addition, it will only add more work because you have to remove the powder and start again. You only need a brush to spread the powder evenly on the skin surface.
After finishing, use warm water or lukewarm water to wipe off any traces. In addition to maintaining hygiene, it can also prevent bacteria from breeding in any cavities of the doll. Of course, it depends on your preference. If you are happy to use condoms, you don't have to worry about too much bacteria.For those who prefer a more lifelike feel, accessories are provided to help the cleaning process. For example, a high-quality silicone anime sex doll should have a douche or enema.

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Lastly in this article we’ll talk about character. And no, it’s not just another “C” word I threw in to make this about the “3 C’s”! Learning to treat a love doll can also teach you about character. Let’s face it, lack of control and confidence can also be attributed to lack of character. How you might ask? Well learning to respect your partner is a form of character building. Learning to put your partners wishes before yours, is a form of character. Taking the time to actually train yourself on how to be a better lover, both for yourself and your future partners, shows character. And that is exactly what you are doing each time you make love to your tpe sex doll partner. When you take the time to make love to your doll, to take your time with your doll and to learn how to control your bodies endorphins, you are building the character it takes to be a good lover and partner to your next (or current) real lover.

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