EVE Online’s mobile derivatives are very good, almost everyone likes EVE Echoes

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At the beginning I didn't think EVE Online could be transformed into an excellent mobile game. This is the most complex and dense MMO I have ever played, and its user interface may become so messy that at some point, any dedicated player may take an hour to configure it. And EVE Online is an incredibly complex game.

But this is exactly what EVE Echoes did. This is a completely independent game from PC MMO-account and progress are not shared-jointly developed by NetEase. EVE Echoes was released in August and is a smaller and simpler version of its big brother, but it is also easier to use. These days, I don’t have much time to personally invest in EVE Online’s huge ecosystem, which includes player-driven wars, political scandals, and skull heist, but playing EVE Echoes is a surprisingly interesting alternative.

In a sense, EVE Echoes reminds me of how I was when I first started playing EVE Online ten years ago. Currently lacks many different functions and activities, but EVE's spirit is still active and good. You can create a character that exists with thousands of other people in a large sandbox world, in which you can do almost anything you want. Players can mine ore, build ships or work as a space truck driver, or be one of the pirates who ambush them.

Echoes, except for the new UI designed for touch screens, it's hard to spot the difference. The core of EVE is largely unaffected. You can still maneuver in its direction to "bend here" or "circle 26 kilometers", and if you are an idiot and fly into a low-security system desperately, your ship will be taken by other players Destroy permanently. When I first visited Jita, the central trade center of EVE Online, my local chat window was quickly proliferated by scammers who offered suspicious transactions for suspicious goods. This is great.

Thanks to some very clever operations, the combat effect is particularly good. If you want to orbit an enemy ship within a certain distance, just tap the ship in the overview window and hold the orbit command. If I drag my thumb out, the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale menu will switch to a radial rangefinder, letting me choose the precise distance I want to keep to the target.

Simplification is everywhere in EVE Echoes. This is a more streamlined game than Big Brother, which makes it easier to play and less intimidating. For example, guns do not use ammunition, which is a blessing, because I hate having to remember dozens of ammunition variants in EVE Online, as well as the best battle scenes for each person. Echoes still lacks many more specialized ships and module variants, but can make up for some new types, so these combat roles are still viable.

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