instagram background stories

Instagram has become the largest photo-sharing social media service on the planet since its inception. One of the biggest reasons for Instagram's success over its competitors is that it is very easy to use.

Choose a background for the stories
You can choose the background for your stories using the Instagram story tag. To do this, follow the steps below:

First, log in to your Instagram story page.
Then select the background you want from within your gallery (you can take a photo right away if you wish)
Then open the story stickers and add the photo sticker
You can now select the original image you want to publish in the story from within your gallery.
You can add as many images as you want to the story via this tag.
You can change its shape to circle, square, and حالت by tapping the selected image.
Add a link to the story
With the new Instagram update, now all pages can add links to their stories. By adding links to your stories, you can help your accounts appear on other social networks as well as increase your site traffic.

To add a link to the story, just follow these steps:

Enter the Instagram story section and add your desired image or video to the story.
From the Story Tags section, find the link tag and tap on it.
Url Lesson Enter the page you want to link to in full in this section and touch Done at the end.
Now place the link sticker wherever you want the story and finally publish the story.
Use the green curtain in your Instagram story
One of the important tricks of Instagram is to use green curtains. Using the green screen, you can select any background you want for your photos and videos. To use the green screen in the story, follow these steps:

Enter the Instagram story and go to the search section of filters just as easily



instagram background stories

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