How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the Surrogacy Facilities?

COVID-19 has affected a lot of things worldwide and surrogacy treatment is one of them. Many infertility centres in Hyderabad also got affected due to this. Now, the situation is getting better yet many centres are facing challenges. Click to know more about how coronavirus pandemic is af

The Covid-19 pandemic has immensely affected the entire economy and the worldwide healthcare system. Its rapid spread and mutation has worsened the current scenario. Complete lockdown and social distancing were the only options to prevent the spread of this virus. 


Surrogacy is a process that requires a lot of planning from the beginning. It can even take 3 to 6 months in the planning itself. Various facility providers are required such as surrogate agencies, medical professionals, gestational carriers, donors, and legal professionals. After the covid-19 pandemic these all services were hampered due to the strict and unexpected lockdown protocols. Fertility centres in Hyderabad also went through the same scenario. 


Now, each step of the surrogacy process needs to be carried out in a different manner as some additional steps have been added in the procedure due to government guidelines amid coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus pandemic has affected the surrogacy facilities across the globe. 

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Effects on New Surrogacy Treatments:


Surrogacy involves various pillars in the treatment such as medical treatment, agencies, legal services and donor services. During the pandemic all the medical services were considered essential but legal services and agencies were closed. 


  • Many surrogacy centres denied any new surrogacy treatment during the lockdown. Clinics had to strictly follow the social distancing  guidelines given by the government. They were only allowed to open the clinic with 50% capacity with the fewest patients to escape the spreading of COVID-19. The specialists were strictly avoiding new assignments and prioritizing ongoing procedures only with the urgency of age of the donor, surrogate or intended patients. 


  • Even after the lockdown situations, couples wanting surrogacy treatment are going through a rough phase. It's becoming difficult to find gastation carrier, many surrogates who were associated with the surrogate agencies moved to their town during the lockdown.

Effects On-Ongoing Surrogacy Treatments: 


Our experts in the mothertobe fertility centre explains the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the process. During the pandemic scenario, the surrogacy centres were focusing on the ongoing assignments. Still, many patients were affected severely. Mothertobe is the best infertility Hospital in Hyderabad that provided its customers the best possible services amid the COVID-19 scenario following the guidelines provided by the government. 


  • Patients living in other countries or cities were not able to reach the clinic for their surrogacy process due to lockdown and inaccessibility of transportation. 


  • As many gestational carriers, donors and intended patients had coronavirus symptoms, many ongoing IVF cycles got delayed. It expanded the timeframe of the entire surrogacy procedure. 


  • The clinics were not providing the physical consultation which affected the surrogate care centre a lot. It has been very stressful and mentally devastating for surrogates due to social distancing.



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