Those replica watches with more sophisticated horological craftsmanship

Those replica watches with more sophisticated horological craftsmanship

So why are Swiss watches doing so well? This has to be mentioned from a long time ago. Since the Reformation, under the influence of Calvin, the Swiss have always been rigorous and meticulous in doing things. The accuracy, completeness, durability, practicability, and aesthetics of the design are all very particular about everything. When they make a screw that is as inconspicuous as a hair, they will grind a block of steel into a screw and then grind it to perfection replica watches, including its full length, thickness, height, and engraved threads. In the end, if they do it to the extreme, they will let go and continue to do the second and third.

The Swiss watch industry held a meeting and stipulated that the watch should not be made indiscriminately. When making it, it must consider how durable it is and how to refuel it so that a watch will not be broken after decades of use. They formulated an ordinance, stipulating how the wristwatch can be stamped with the seal of Geneva. Anyone who knows watches knows that the purpose of the Geneva Seal is to ensure the origin of the clock and the craftsman’s skills. Only watches that carry a hand-made and self-winding mechanical movement can receive this honor. "Key" badge logo.

A watch is not just a tool for checking time. For many luxury watches, it is actually a kind of art or craft to some extent. Therefore, although the watch is small, it can carry a lot of weird and delicate craftsmanship, such as small and small polishing, polishing, and wire drawing, as large as hollowing, engraving, diamond, enamel, complicated functions and so on. Obviously, those watches with more sophisticated horological craftsmanship must have higher value, especially for the pleasing viewing value.

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