What is Krav Maga and the principles that make it so popular?

What is Krav Maga? What are its core principles? There is a lot more to what this martial arts carries but basics are always important to learn and reach expertise.

Martial arts has been one of the skills are mostly required to be learnt by people who are in defence to combat the enemies that may attack them closely. Is it really true? Well, this is not true, nobody knows when and where you may be facing threat. Enemies or armed threats can surround anyone, a person walking on the street or waiting for the bus. Thus, one shall have the required combating techniques so that they can escape it and also save their beloved ones from sudden attack. For those who are confused as to what is krav maga, they should know that it is one of the popular martial arts known for its combat and fighting system. Krav Maga is designed to deal with the real-life threats and protect oneself. This technique is standing completely at a neutral level for people of any age and physical ability acting as an intuitive method of self-protection. 


Krav Maga is for all who are willing to learn self-defence, but people might also love it if they


  • Are okay with challenging themselves mentally and physically
  • Dedicated to learning self-defence skills
  • Enjoy training with a similar skill set people 
  • Want to learn martial arts
  • Want to be an expert in the art


The core principles that Krav Maga follows include: 


Awareness and prevention against the threat

To self-defend, it is important to be aware of your environment.


Trying to limit the injury during combat

Krav Maga teaches you to attack more to prevent injury under immense stress.


Using natural body tools as weapons to attack and win

Krav Maga training is focused to teach effective moves using your hand, arms, legs, knees, elbows and so on. Your body is a weapon. 


Efficient techniques to directly attack 

There is no time to waste when in a threatening situation, thus, sustain damages with strikes.


Always be prepared to fight against an armed attacker

You may never know if the attackers are armed or not, so always be prepared for the worst.


Targeting sensitive parts

It is always effective to attack the most sensitive body parts and ensure your beloved one’s safety first. 


Attack as soon as possible and not just defend yourself

Simple fighting techniques require action and no wastage of time. 


That are all the basics about what is Krav Maga. 

Bethany Girdlestone

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