How to use special skills to earn gold in WOW TBC Classic

How to use special skills to earn gold in WOW TBC Classic

In WOW TBC Classic, the use of craftsmanship and auction houses is the most perfect way to obtain gold coins in this game, and it is also the easiest way to obtain gold coins. Players only need to be familiar with the strategies in the handicraft/auction house guide to easily obtain a large amount of gold.

First, the player should check the market to find the auction house in the market that the player is interested in. Know the prices of all craft materials that players can buy. Then continue to dive into the TBC Classic Gold auction house to learn about the crafts that players can make now. Record the selling price by calculating the total material cost and further dividing by 0.95. Finally, take down the 5% discount from the auction house to show the price.

In this way, players can understand the current prices of the crafts they can sell and how much is left after the auction house has cut them. This can help players target all crafts that are easy to obtain high profits. It is worth noting that if the player chooses at least two popular production skills, the player can easily earn the most gold.

This is also an excellent way to sell almost all unused materials as gold. These methods can help players obtain gold coins in the safest way, so that players continue to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold add large weapons that can speed up the upgrade process. Of course, if players want to quickly obtain TBC Classic Gold in a short period of time, then there is no better choice than MMOWTS. They have cheap prices, extremely fast delivery speeds and excellent customer service!


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