How To Connect an HP Printer To Wifi Router?

How To Connect an HP Printer To Wifi Router?

To fix any error problem, you can use the steps in this article below to learn How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi router.

Solution 1: Device Reset

Restarting the computer as well as all peripheral devices is the basic way to solve any error problem. To fix any bug, restart the machine as well as the printer and even the router affirms that it occurs when setting up the printer.

By disconnecting the power link, then turning the HP printer off, you can do this. Shut down any programmes that may be running on your computer. Switch the machine off then. Finally, attach the power cord to the router again and wait for secure access to the internet. Switch on both your monitor and your HP printer now.

Solution 2: Reinstall Apps for HP Drivers

You should try manually connecting your printer to your network. This move will allow the HP installer to quickly locate the connection to the printer. If you are using a Text-Based Control Panel, you need to use the Wireless Setup Wizard. Otherwise you might ask for the aid of the Secure Wi-Fi Setup (WPS). Try to reinstall the HP driver as well as the programme all over again after the safe link is created.

Solution 3: Using the Wireless Setup Wizard

First to start the operation, you have to go to the Control Panel on the printer. Then pick Installation Network. From the Wireless Setup Wizard, you can see the wireless networks in the range. Now, pick your network name and set up a new password. If you can't locate a wireless network, then you can manually set it up.

We hope that you have the basic knowledge of Connect HP Printer to Wifi router in this article.

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