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Deal -The rising of unions. The trend is growing in popularity in the arts sector.

Deal -The rising of unions. The trend is growing in popularity in the arts sector. friendlyanimal friendly animal Website friendly animal us autospeedy auto speedy Website auto speedy co uk advisorauto advisor auto Website advisor auto co uk 

A recent article in Bloomberg Law reported that unionization drives among museum workers in the States have dramatically spiked in the past three years:


Brooklyn Museum of Art workers recently voted to join the union. But, prior to the outbreak, there had been a noticeable rise in employee participation.


US art museums unionized. This was in large part due to the extremely low pay and stagnant wages of the non-profit arts sector -- a troubling list


These wages were also made available to the public via this google salary sharing spreadsheet. Recently an employee from the New Museum

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(which voted to unionize 2019) published a harrowing expose describing her experience as a labor organizer under the headline"Against the Artsploitation.”


Precarity in the economy has been linked to mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. In academia there's been a constant and especially tension


The debate continues about whether gig work is better or worse for mental well-being than full-time work. Many workers have reported that the


flexibility afforded by the gig economy boosts their mental wellness, while others lament the instability as a major stressor.


The thing that is unique in the art world is the fact that gig workers and salaried employees suffer from the uncertainty of their chosen career paths which is why they are both in a precarious position.

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