Bluestream is your Ideal Partner for Septic Tank Installation

Bluestream is a private family-run Irish firm started over a decade ago with an aim to offer top-notch wastewater treatment services.

Bluestream is a private family-run Irish firm started over a decade ago with an aim to offer top-notch wastewater treatment services. The company strives hard to provide unwavering support for a variety of solutions and services, ranging from construction of percolation area, septic tank installation to maintenance and repairs for the residential and commercial sectors. It is also the leading industry leader in Biological Aeration Filtration systems, with simple designs and easy operation. Bluestream offers a variety of cost-effective products and services that are made and developed in Killarney, Kerry. Our company's products are all high-quality and made with GRP sheet moulded plastic, which is a high-end technology. It's also simple to set up and requires less staff, resulting in low maintenance expenses. 
The company uses the latest technology when it comes to septic tank installation and promises excellent services at affordable prices. Our staff can easily install your tank and provide routine maintenance to keep trash moving properly. We are licenced, bonded, and certified company and are best known for delivering high-quality service and products. Our entire team is highly skilled and driven, guaranteeing that our clients receive the finest possible service at all times. Our personnel will carry out their responsibilities and be available at your request with the least amount of disruption to your daily routine as feasible. 
Bluestream services are the best choice whether you need a new septic system or just a septic holding tank. Whatever problem your septic system is having, you can trust our staff to fix it. Our crew will detect the problem, whether it's within the house, in the septic tank, or in the drain or leach field, thanks to over 30 years of experience. We have the equipment, industry knowledge, and skills needed to create long-term septic tank solutions. Call us today for more information!

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