especially with its pink top

I am in love with the color of this scarf especially with its pink top and bright bottom.

 Ever Lopez, a Mexican American teenager who lives in North Carolina, was denied a high school diploma this June because he was wearing a Mexican flag as he graduated from Asheboro High School. According to the school's announcement, Lopez's flag violated the school's dress code. The school awarded him his diploma after a flurry from classmates and activists who rallied behind Lopez.

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 Head scarves are the #1 accessory of the summer, in my opinion! These pieces are versatile and can be worn in many different ways. They can be worn as an overcoat (worn with this gorgeous turquoise scarf), a head wrap or in the bag. (I'll be posting my method soon) or as belts around your hat or even used as bags. I am in love with the color of this scarf especially with its pink top and bright bottom.

 All of you have requested more options for one-pieces. This gorgeous one-piece costs less than $25. It's available in a navy blue and a leopard print. The waist cinched is attractive and can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. A neutral piece of clothing can also be worn as a bodysuit so you will get more wear out of it on excursions to the beach, etc. I styled the black one piece with a pink scarf head wrap and sunnies as well as this cute choker with beads. Beaded jewelry is a favorite of mine and is a great accessory to have!

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