Some Common Applications of Real Time OCR

Porbis also benefits other businesses with expert automated mapping, data integration & validation, and many more such services.

Optical character recognition, famously known as OCR, is a digital technique where images of texts (written, printed, etc.) get transformed into machine text. All the major works related to data entry are highly dependent on OCR. With the introduction of this digital technique and approach, companies have been experiencing the advantages of automated systems. Earlier, companies had to hire professionals who could convert handwritten amp; printed texts to machined texts. This was a high time-consuming process. But with the help of real time OCR, companies have been experiencing several advantages.

Optical character recognition has been providing innumerable applications. For example:

1. With the help of OCR, images of cheques, bank statements, invoices, etc., can easily be used for automated data entry. The system will recognize related information from these images directly and put them in datasheets automatically.

2. AI-based vehicles with auto-driving features use this technique to figure out traffic signals. By recognizing the meaning of the color of traffic lights, auto-driving vehicles can easily understand when to stop and go at signals.

3. With the help of OCR, traffic police and other police departments can easily determine moving vehicle's plate numbers recorded in CCTVs. This can help traffic departments automatically release warnings, notices, or tickets for the owner of the vehicle with the help of a plate number.

4. OCR is extremely useful for everyone who has insurance policies, who provides insurance policies and others. With the help of OCR, insurance holders and providers can easily search particular terms amp; conditions. This feature will help readers extract the key inference of the condition.

5. With the OCR technique, printed documents can easily be converted into electronic images. These electronic documents then become easily searchable. Hence, it is one of the best solutions to make a handwritten or printed document searchable on the web.

Real time OCR is not an easy job to handle for everyone. It requires some expertise. Therefore, businesses can expect these expert real time OCR services from Porbis. For businesses, who face issues related to automated systems, Porbis offers a wide range of services. Services, such as transactional analysis, machine learning, business management, network management, credit amp; underwriting, and so on. So, if you want your business to work with full efficiency, then you must consult Porbis for its extraordinary and much-needed services.

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Porbis also benefits other businesses with expert automated mapping, data integration amp; validation, and many more such services.

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