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The sheet has a great deal of EVE echoes

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I've finally found and eve echoes isk fixed the matter. If you produce a copy of the newest 2.0.1 version the reprocessing values should be correct.When I attempt to edit the order where the planetary material item section I had noticed the amount in column does not update.The sheet has a great deal of tradition scripting that depends on things being in the right place. Altering the orders of those values can cause things to not work correctly. The spreadsheet is actually meant to be used as is that is the reason why I summarized the cells you should edit.

I'm awareI thought I'd bring up that as you have drag downs for stated stuff which prompted me to match the purchase of them to my corps inventory.For what it is as is, its really spot on and nice to get one job calculator.Now this is unquestionably the very well made spreadsheet I have encountered. Thanks a great deal )I know this sheet is focused on construction, but personally I also like to understand the value of my ores and minerals at hand. And when I should reprocess or market raw ore to create most ISK.This helps me to decide if I need to by the ship on market, or simply build it myself.

I have added this in my copy, but I guess you can view it as a feature request for prospective versions?Yes this potentially may be added later on. Or possibly as a completely separate sheet having some common elements.Thanks for the feedback!This is awesome!I'd still want to be able watch a gain forecast without purchasing planetary stuff though (given those are literally only lying about all over the place for free). Mining ore is much more labor intensive, so buying (a number of) these makes more sense.

You can type of cheat on the system and accomplish this by placing the Price Calculation Putting to"Remainder" and then placing your on hand values for the required PI to match how much is required. This is going to make the prices at the top of the sheet reflect no PI costs.Good work, but in the event that you were able to improve it and also be able to establish the number of constructions that we desire, it might already be the very best, this way we could check in a simple way what we need without having to visit the recipe.

Why does everyone use google sheets when excel would process this information faster?Man I've been using excel provided that I completely forgot it is not free. I was just curious as to why and it makes complete sense thank you.Basically all of the reasons mentioned already plus google also has some really nice scripting services available for it's spreadsheets. For instance figuring out the perfect mixture of ores is a intricate optimization problem that requires a lot of linear algebra to fix. Google has some solutions which help a lot with this particular issue and buy eve isk I don't think excel has this functionality so that it might require more custom code.


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