Some key features for developing the Instacart clone app are

Digitizing the grocery stores in one effective way to gain more customers and increase sales. Those who aspire to take their grocery stores to the next level can go ahead with an Instacart Clone app development. We strive to provide an Instacart like app suitable for your business requirem

The Instacart clone app has four modules: User app, Admin panel, Delivery provider, and Store owner app. Before app development, let’s dive into the essential features to integrate into your app. 


  1. User app


Easy registration

It facilitates easy registration for customers. A quick sign-up process lets customers sign up without any difficulties. Apart from this, you can let them signup or register with the app via other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google account.

Multi-payment mode 


It is a good choice to give various payment options to customers. Integrating your app with popular gateways is an added advantage. Multiple payment gateway options include internet banking, UPI, cash on delivery.  

Browse products


The search option will enable users to browse the essential products effectively. It seems easy for customers to search for products.

Scheduled delivery


This is one of the efficient features widely preferred by customers. They can schedule the grocery delivery at their convenience. 

  1. Admin panel


Manage stores and inventory


This feature facilitates the admin to manage all the inventory at their disposal in a simpler way. They can manage the grocery store list.


Delivery tracking


Upon the grocery store's request acceptance, the admin can track the ongoing deliveries in real-time.


Offers and discounts


Once brand awareness is created, the admin can provide offers and discounts to regular customers. This helps to have a loyal customer base.


Manage payments


The app will let the admin view the payment history details and manage all the pending payments.

  1. Delivery provider app


Accept/Decline orders


Depending on the availability of the delivery personnel, they can accept/reject the incoming order request. In case they canceled the request, it will be sent to other delivery personnel.

Upload documents


The delivery personnel has to submit all the necessary documents to verify. This has to be done once they register or sign up with the app using the required login details.


Availability toggle


They can update their availability status by enabling this feature. Disabling this feature shows that they are not available at that time for accepting delivery requests. 

  1. Store owner app


Live tracking


Once the respective delivery personnel collects the order from the grocery store, the store owner can track their live location until they deliver the order to the customer.


Availability status


Store owners can show their availability by enabling this feature. They also can provide details about the restocked items.

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