How to change New World’s production system to give players a better experience?

How to change New World’s production system to give players a better experience?

In New World, collection skills and crafting skills are essentially interrelated, because players can spend time in the world collecting resources almost for free, then return to settlements to refine them, and then use them to make items. However, this New World Coins process is not completely free. When expensive materials are used to make advanced items, the production will affect the player's financial situation, which means that both in terms of experience and possible economic benefits should be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, because New World's design choices were flawed. After the November update, players no longer gain a lot of experience points when making items, which means that their trading skills are usually much lower than those made before the update. In fact, changes in experience are not implemented retrospectively, because those who have reached level 200 with the production skills they want can and still benefit from it, while others must spend more time and resources to achieve the same goal.

A rough estimate is that a player who makes 100 high-level items at level 150 of the New World Gold corresponding crafting skill is most likely to end at level 190 to 220, and now it takes about 150 to 170 for 200 identical items. This makes upgrading trade skills more expensive and frustrating, and in fact this is almost the final stage of the current single player. Therefore, this game should revise its production system again, so that everyone is not so frustrating to upgrade.

MMOs often associate the lack of additional content with increased farming time, and in some games, this training may be real. New World is no exception. Players are suffering from some bad decisions that ultimately have a greater impact on the game than expected, both in terms of PvE content and production. However, the good news is that NewWorldCoins is currently holding promotional activities, and players can buy more New World Coins with less money.


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