Kotlin Vs. Groovy: Which Programming Language is the Best in 2022?

When choosing a programming language?

Anyone with a slight idea about how app development and coding works would understand that developing is vital. When choosing a programming language, you need to look after several things, such as the features you want to include, the platform, and the alternatives.
Knowing a programming language is quite important for the developers to find new solutions and utilize their time properly. Each language comes up with new features and offers new screens with something fun and interesting.
There are several general-purpose coding languages like Java that continue to be used for multiple development projects. However, some languages like Groovy programming language have emerged to enable developers to add new features to their projects.

What is Groovy?

Groovy is an object-oriented programming language for JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Groovy is also termed a Java enhancer as it introduces new features to applications and offers greater flexibility.
It has a Java-like syntax, however offers more ease like other modern languages Ruby and Python. Groovy is a modern and easy-to-learn programming language. Groovy interoperates smoothly with different Java libraries and code.
Groovy is also a testing-oriented language with a syntax that supports Java build tools (like Maven or Ant) and runs tests in IDEs. Besides, it also offers the best native support for different markup languages like HTML, XML, and others.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin came into the market after Groovy. Kotlin also makes use of Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is a statistically typed programming language. It offers an enhanced syntax with abstractions and concise expressions, omitting the need for extra code essential in Android app development.
Kotlin offers extra security as it is null-safe, and no null pointers are conceded. You may take benefits of both Kotlin and Groovy as minimum coding is required to achieve the right output.

Kotlin vs. Groovy: Which Is The Best For Your Programming Needs?

While choosing a programming language, you must consider the technical factors. These factors will assist you in understanding the best language for your app development.
Below we have shared insights for Kotlin vs. Groovy to reflect the differences between both:
1. GitHub Reports
Kotlin and Groovy are both open-source tools. Kotlin, with 3.28k forks on GitHub and 28.3k GitHub stars, seems more prominent than Groovy, with 414 GitHub forks and 1.49k GitHub starts.
2. Dynamic/Static
Kotlin is a statically typed programming language used for developing modern applications that functions across multiple platforms. In contrast, Groovy is a dynamically typed programming language.
3. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Tool-friendly
As we know that Groovy is based on Java; hence it is easily interoperable with any code and offers easy and successful integration with third-party libraries. Groovy also offers a good and smooth IDE for app development.
Kotlin is also based on Java thus is also interoperable and offers a decent IDE to work with. Therefore you can choose any Java IDE to build your apps.
4. Words from StackShare community
Kotlin has a wide acceptance, being mentioned in 208 developers stacks 268 company stacks, while Groovy is listed in 73 developer stacks and 79 company stacks.
5. Top Apps of Kotlin Groovy
Kotlin is a widely used Android app development language; several popular applications are based on this language. It offers decent support for server-side applications enabling developers to work on expressive and concise code. It also offers full compatibility with Java-based technology stacks.
Top applications using Kotlin are listed below:
  • Uber
  • Trello
  • Atlassian
  • Gradle
  • Evernote
  • Coursera
  • Kickstarter
  • Pinterest
Groovy is like Java, and it is both scripting and programming language. Some of the top names under Groovy are listed below:
  • Netflix
  • Oracle
  • LinkedIn
6. Performance
Kotlin offers the same performance as Java, whereas Groovy is comparatively slower due to closure, which is more expensive than Kotlin lambda.
Kotlin allows developers to initialize objects without introducing new keywords, while Groovy needs new keywords for object initialization.

Final Words

Finally, the decision of choosing between Kotlin and Groovy relies on your project needs. You can choose between Kotlin vs. Groovy according to the objective and nature of your application. However, we can say that Kotlin is more concise than Java and compatible with Google as per different tech aspects.
Groovy programming language is more reliable for writing codes and building apps. Both of these languages are interoperable with Java and safer, so you can choose the best per your project requirements.

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