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Orchard packaging with a leader in customized, unique, and attractive looking eye shadow box packaging provide retail, corporate, and large scale eye shadow manufacturers, who want to get stylish customized eye shadow box in various sizes, styles, and colors, delivered in bulk standard lot

Custom Eye Shadow Packaging Provides Stability and Growth

Eye shadow is an elegant and delicate cosmetic item. To provide stability and protection for your eye shadow product, a custom eye shadow packaging box plays a key role. They not only protect your product from harmful environmental impact but also ensure the safety of the product inside your bag. The custom Eye Shadow Box packaging also provides a unique way to communicate with your customer by providing much need product-related information printed on them. This vital communication not only provides convenience to the customer but also increases brand loyalty and sales growth. You should also be careful about your Eyeshadow Packaging and always consider and consult with Orchard packaging for your every need with regards to packaging for your product.

Order Your Eyeshadow Packaging Wholesale with Minimum Prices

Eyeshadow boxes packaging serves you many reasons for which everybody should be focused on high-quality, stylized custom eyeshadow boxes. These Eyeshadow Boxes provide a unique way of branding your product and ensuring product safety at the same time. Custom eye shadow wholesales are available from different suppliers in the market. They offer a variety of options and promise great quality as well. But getting great quality packaging with a variety of customization options and within minimum prices as per your requirement is always a tough challenge. Orchard packaging is always ready to accept this challenge as we have full confidence in the processes and resources we have. We are here to provide you with cost-effective custom Eyeshadow Box wholesale as per your imaginations.

Your Brand Identification Through Printed Custom Eyeshadow Packaging

Custom eyeshadow boxes with simple plain colors are even enough for the resolution of the necessity of eyeshadow product protection. You may also think it is effective and enough for your packaging as it is more cost-effective. But by avoiding little cost you may jeopardize the overall sales and brand value. Custom printing on your Custom Eyeshadow Boxes has various benefits due to which eyeshadow manufacturers now prefer. Digitally printing of any kind with any content whether it is product guidance, product ingredients or simple graphics enhances the beauty of your packaging material drastically. Digital printed Custom Eyeshadow Packaging boxes not only improve the brand value but also create convenience for customers. You may create your unique brand identification as well by providing your brand logo on it. Due to increase marketing competition, a unique brand identity is a must for every eyeshadow manufacturer nowadays.

Customization of Custom Eye Shadow Box Packaging

The availability of a variety of customization options makes us unique and industry leader. We are serving our prestigious clients for their prestigious eyeshadow product items. As eyeshadow manufacturers are producing their products in a variety of sizes and colors for a variety of reasons, it enforces the packaging manufacturers to follow and produce the packaging in a variety of options. We are providing eye Shadow Boxes Wholesale in many customizations and the following are a few of them.

Eco-Friendly Material

Eyeshadow packaging wholesale should be eco-friendly and support reducing environmental hazards due caused by packaging wastage. We at orchard packaging ensure all the packaging is produced using recyclable material and reusability of packaging material is also ensured. Material variations are available as follows:


  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Kraft paper


Coating for Beautifying Packaging

We are offering eyeshadow packaging with not only in the variety of material customization but various coating options to further enhance the beauty of packaging boxes which includes;


  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin

How to Order from Orchard Packaging

Ordering from orchard packaging is quite easy. With our online presence now, the process become more convenient for our customers. You can just visit us at our website where you can browse through our extensive Custom Boxes Wholesale options. Our step-by-step order guiding process makes it a matter of a few steps where from browsing about the complete range of options and then by answering easy step by step questions, our system helps you out to select the most suitable packaging solution for you. Our 24/7 customer care is also available for your help and guidance.


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