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Some universities offer master's degrees in several academic disciplines while some only specialize in limited subjects.

 Some universities only offer courses in medical sciences, psychology, history, natural sciences, while some are solely associated with political science.


It is an important academic discipline that mainly predicts and tells what would happen in the international arena. Its main purpose is to predict the future based on one event that happened in the present. An example is given below and for more help, working with a professional of college essay writing service help.



The best way to learn about any issue is to prepare an annotated bibliography. If you do not have any idea then you should look for an annotatedbibliography example online. It is the second most popular way to learn while the first one is to visit nearby public or school libraries.



4 Annotations for Political Science in AMA format


You must know the certain format that is necessary to incorporate in AMA or American Medical Association citations. The sequence of information would vary in the case of a book, book chapter, online book, webpage, printed journal article, online journal article, and magazine article. You can relieve yourself of all responsibilities by hiring an online essay writing service so that you can get a perfectly written assignment.



Example 1



All authors have highlighted an important issue in the article with the main focus on the root causes of racism in the United States. A reader can have a comprehensive idea about racial profiling and how it has always been present in American society in one way or another. 



Example 2


Imran M, Hosen M, Chowdhury MAF. Does poverty lead to crime? Evidence from the United States of America. International Journal of Social Economics. Published online 2018.


The article has perfectly narrated the situation of 1970s America when different gangs were ruling the cities thus jeopardizing the law and order situation for the common public. Online ‘write my paper’ services can offer more examples.


Example 3


Since the recognition of the 14th Amendment, blacks could not secure equal economic, social, and political rights. They started many Movements in the Progressive Era during the first half of the 20th century. Black leaders mobilized the masses and raised awareness about unequal rights and remained successful until the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955.


Example 4


There is no doubt that America is the world’s largest military might with its air bases on every continent. To maintain such a large army it also has the world's largest military budget. It is a heavy burden on taxpayers as instead of spending it locally the government is forced to support its allies overseas.

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