Yep most of the time the better man wins

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Should you extract ahrims you're still likely to be having greater mage defence which results in same quantity of splashing, only way you would get punished for maging in mystics in case you time your attacks wrong or actually become unlucky. The majority of the time the better brid / nher would acquire and there's no way you could remove rng from RS, that is just how Runescape is. And dding a part of nhing as it's known as no honor for OSRS gold a reason, I really don't like it myself but it does add to the fights. I've nh staked lots and I have never had that numerous problems. If something I have noticed more problems come into play when people take out ahrims / occult. In the end for the hybrid loadouts it is irrelevant because you both enter the battle with same setups so you're on equal footing. DDS is great because it actually makes you think how to outplay your opponent to get the specs.

Yep most of the time the better man wins - you still lose your money although if you lost to rng, nobody enjoys measure below but everybody does it since it makes the struggle piss simple for 20 seconds, especially in the event that you have pid and super particularly if you have better ping. Guess you're right concerning the loadouts for the most part as you would both end up in the same gear anyway - but it doesn't alter the simple fact that if that minigame is meant to find out pking - you won't know how to pk anyplace except for the duel arena with those setups, maybe in the event that you find the rare person in border pvp worlds to hybrid fight, but still you wouldn't be outlast bridding there. You wouldn't even understand how to bring a gmaul to a combo.

I concur about dds, but that is more for outlast/pure struggles - and why I say for pure fights is even for wildy pure struggles, mostly they are on brews and you can output so much dps (even during prayer sometimes) they just can't outside heal it. But for different builds unless you're in strength bonus you won't be koing individuals with dds unless they do not know how to eat. In the long run you won't wind up learning more than you could learn in lms because it is also outlast, unless of course you are one of the 3 people that prefer to hybrid fight in edge pvp.

I get what you're saying but there has not been any mention of how large the entrance cost would be and how the ELO would affect finding fights. You would obviously find out as you play along with the ELO would aid you in finding players on your ability level, it would not be ideal but it may do the job. I'd see it as a means to see yourself improve in ranks and revel in the pvp side of Runescape without risking too much. And you wouldn't get stomped on cheap RS gold as much since it'd be against a person of rank, it would simply need to gain traction for individuals to give it a try. Knowing jagex they'd just do you tweet and add a small part in a skilling blog mentioning it so it would fail by default due to people not understanding about it.


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