Looking for Egg Dishes that Caterers in Delhi Can Serve You? These 5 Egg Dishes Will Help You

Look at these 5 egg dishes you will love to consume at any personal or social occasion.

India is a country where people of different customs and beliefs live and enjoy their cultural differences. Therefore, we can see a lot of differences in consuming the food patterns. In this country, where we rever god some people love to partake purely vegetarian dishes, or else some give preference to non-vegetarian food, while some people are only eggitarian. If you belong to the last two categories, we have penned down this mesmerizing post for you to cover up the top 5 egg dishes that Caterers in Delhi can prepare for you that will woo the heart of the guests and the host in any event.


  • Egg Dosa: Taking inspiration from Tamil Nadu, the Caterers in North India also love to prepare egg dosa for the people who are attending a nuptial ceremony or a birthday party, or any other event. If you love eggs, we assure you that you will love the crunchy egg dosa prepared by the caterers.


  • Egg Bonda: If you are a big fan of egg dishes, you will love egg bonda also. This dish is usually prepared after taking inspiration from Andhra Pradesh, and just like veg aloo bonda, egg bonda gives the ultimate taste with tangy tomato chutney.


  • Egg Roast: If you want a little bit different taste from egg curry, you can opt for egg roast, a South Indian version of Egg-Curry. Caterers of different regions love to experiment and try this dish at wedding ceremonies which is the most delectable form and a little bit different from Egg curry.


  • Egg Paranthas: If you are bored of regular vegetarian paranthas and do not refrain from eating non-vegetarian, you can also try egg-paranthas or also popular as Baida Roti. It will make you aware of a different flavor paratha that you will love to a great extent.


  • Nargisi Kofta: If you love regional flavors you can go for Nargisi Kofta of Avadh. In this dish, hard-boiled eggs are cooked along with Keema.



The Crux:


These dishes will satiate your tongue and you will love to hire the services of Caterers in Gurgaon who will prepare these yummy egg dishes for you.

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