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The developer Grinding Gear Games today confirmed the patch notes for the Path Of Exile update 1.66, which you can download for PS4 now. This update has many bug fixes and other game improvements. If you POE Currency Buy, you can enhance your strength in the game.

Path of Exile Update 1.66 Patch Notes
    Now, as long as you obviously open the door, you can pass through the perception door in Repository Heists.
    Spectred and their Tal no longer use skills when not in combat.
    Improved the variability of the ground texture of the glacier expansion hideout.
    Updated the towering hideout feature to make it closer to its preview video.
    Fixed an issue where Gianna might not be able to open the raid door in the Wings of Heist, which also has Nenet.
    Fixed an issue that if the job is aborted after pulling the lever, the agile job may not be completed.
    Fixed an issue where if you previously disabled it during the "imminent lockout" period, engineering and agile traps may enter a state that cannot be disabled during the lockout period.
    Fixed an issue where currency stacks converted to other currency types could not retain the correct stack size due to the Heist Trinket modifier. This will affect the chroma ball and the jeweler ball.
    Fixed a bug where the jeweler’s contact prediction did not respect the robbery enchantment, which restricted the color of the socket to a specific color.
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the remote Delph area from being clickable and prevent you from traveling.
    Fixed an issue where the purifier weapon could not perform any attacks.
    Fixed an issue that caused the quality of anomalous caustic arrow, anomalous attack support and divergent night knife support to not work properly.
    Fixed an issue that could cause mines to be thrown after charging with a shield.
    Fixed an instance crash that could occur during the encounter with the Shadow Spinner Arakaali.
    Fixed a client crash that may occur when exiting the Path Of Exile.

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