The decline of New World players is obvious, so developers are looking for ways to retain players

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Since its debut more than a month ago, I have been tracking the population of New World, and it has become one of the most played games in Steam history with 913,000 concurrent players.

Now this number is much lower in the six weeks after launch, and in the past few weeks of tracking, it has not really shown any signs of slowing down, or the player base has stabilized to the last tier.

Sunday is the day with the largest number of players in the week. The following is the highest concurrent data for the past six weeks.
    10-3: 913,000 players
    10-10: 726,000 players
    10-17: 608,000 players
    10-24: 508,000 players
    10-30: 404,000 players
    11-7: 304,000 players

Six weeks later, we are now at one-third of the highest level in history, but the most worrying thing is that the game has lost 100,000 peak players every week in the past four weeks, as you would expect as the game evolves And the slowdown is reduced to a harder core basis.

Obviously, I don't want the new world to have zero players in three weeks from now, but next month will indeed bring major challenges that were not available in the previous month. The more eye-catching holiday game was released as a competition, and then in early December, the release of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion pack was undoubtedly the most direct competition in MMO. For its part, Amazon Games has been frantically developing patches for the new world, although they focus on fixing bugs and disrupting the game, although players always seem to invent more as if the last batch has been solved.

The main problem seems to be that the player has nothing to do at a higher level. The game is reduced to super RNG farming with items and high production costs, or an eternal carousel for PvP territory exchange. In the middle and low levels of the game, players may be exhausted before reaching that point because of training. Since its release, I have invested 150 hours, so obviously, some of its things fascinate me. But as of last week, this game made me lose to the "Lost Ark" beta, and now that Forza is here, I do feel that I am a little bit running according to my current game goals and have no real desire to advance. Judging from these numbers, it seems that I am not alone. In fact, Players can find a website with New World Coins Buy.

Amazon really wants to see these stabilize. This is a PC-only game, so we are focusing on the entire player base of New World, which means a project that lasts several years for them. Even after a good start, this decline is very significant. Fast, and there is no sign of abating, which is not good. We will continue to check.

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