7 Tips to Store Your Hot Tub in Summer

A hot tub can get a little too hot in summer, especially California.

A one that will ensure your hot tub is ready for fall. This article will answer that question: How to Store a Hot Tub in Summer. To make your life easier, we've compiled the top tips and advice for hot tub enthusiasts. Read on if you have a hot tub that you want to keep safe for the summer, while you go to the beach.

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When you Store your Hot Tub, Make Sure it Drains Completely: 

How To Store a Hot Tub for Summer: 7 Tips - CAStorage Blog Site

Storing a hot bathtub usually involves draining the water. This is fine as it doesn't usually affect the tub. It is important to drain the hot tub completely. Any water left behind could cause damage to other systems like the blowers and jets. Frozen water can cause cracking in hot tub parts if the temperature drops (unusual though it may be). These steps will help you drain your hot tub.

Attach a sump pump or hose to the hot tub drain plug. A sump pump is quicker, but it will cost more than a hose.

After draining most of the water out, you can remove the drain plug from the hole and seal it. This is the purpose of hottest tubs.

To get rid of all water, use a dry/wet shop vacuum.

Turn off the electricity supply to the hot tub.

Turn off the heater in your hot tub.

Turn the tub's power back on and run the blower for about 30 seconds to force any water out.

Restart both water and electricity.

Thoroughly Clean Your Hot Tub Filters and Heater: 

Happy Hot Tubs Super Blaster Filter Cleaning Tool

After the water has drained completely from the tub, it is time to clean it thoroughly. Warm water and dish detergent work well. A stronger cleaning agent may be required for heavy stains. However, you should never use any harsh cleaners or metal scrubbers. They can damage your hot tub's surface or make it unattractive.

When you are cleaning, remember to also clean the filters. They can be rinsed well and dried thoroughly before being put back in their place.

Secure Your Hot Tub Cover: 

As mentioned, draining your hot tub is a smart idea if it won't be in use during summer. But, leaving your hot tub exposed to the sun is not a good idea. Acrylic can be extremely damaged by the UV rays of the sun. This can cause your hot tub to lose its warranty.


It's important to purchase a hot tub cover that is well secured. This is especially important if the hot tub will be left unattended for several weeks or months. The cover should not be blown off by wind gusts or weather changes. For this reason, most cover come with locks and class. Use strong bungee ropes to secure yours if it doesn't.

Do not Try to Store or Move your Hot Tub Alone: 

We recommend hiring professionals if you are moving your hot tub into a storage unit. Hot tubs are heavy. Hot tubs that are larger than 600 pounds can be difficult to move. If possible, we recommend asking at least two people to help you. It is highly recommended to rent or purchase two large 4-wheel dolly’s. You can easily place your hot tub on a dolly and then move it around much easier.

When Storing Your Hot Tub, Wrap It in Moving Blankets: 

Moving blankets are a great option when you're thinking about how to store your hot tub during the summer. Moving blankets will not only protect your hot tub in a move but also keep it safe when you store it. The tub's acrylic won't be damaged by dirt or dust, so it's safe from dirt and dust. The blankets can be left on while the tub is in storage.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Isn't Really Necessary: 

Some people choose a climate or temperature-controlled storage unit for their hot tub. It's not essential. Temperature changes can be withstander by a properly drained, cleaned and padded hot tub. Climate-controlled units can be more affordable than regular storage if you are concerned.

How to Accumulation an Expandable Hot Tub: 

An inflatable hot tub can be stored in a slightly different way than a regular hot tub. You will need to inflate your hot tub before you store it. These are the steps you need to follow in order to keep your inflatable hot tub safe during the off-season.

Unplug the hot-tub's electricity

All filters must be removed

Attach the stop caps

Clean the pump by disconnecting it

To drain the water, attach a hose

Drain the tub completely

Make sure to clean the bottom of your tub.

Thoroughly clean and dry the tub's interior and surfaces.

Inflate the tub completely

Clean the bathtub's cover


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