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Choosing a new timber bed frame can be tough for some people. But it’s important as getting the right mattress when it comes to the quality of your sleep. After working all day long it’s important to have a quality of sleep every night. With that much time spent in bed, you want a good quality sleeping system covered you. Timber bed frame give an important support system for your bed, so you have to choose the right one for your situation. In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips for choosing a bed frame. 

Consider Current Mattress Size

Do you love your mattress? If you’re thinking to upgrade your bed frame, use the mattress as your sizing guide. Your bed frame needs to match your mattress size for a proper fit. Mattress sizes come in different variations, so be sure you know what you have or what you want to get. For example, an XL bed is 5 inches longer than a standard twin-size mattress. 

Look At Your Bedroom Size

If you’re buying a timber bed, including the mattress, you can choose whatever size you want. One thought is your bedroom size helps you pick the best solution for your bedroom. Rather, you’ll want 2 to 3 feet around your bed on the sides and end. This gives you enough space to move freely in your bedroom. Measure your space to compare to standard bed dimensions. Decide which size of timber bed frame you’ll need. 

Choose The Support Type

Mattresses need support beneath them. Without support, your mattress will subside or wear prematurely. If you select a platform bed, it provides built-in support for your mattress. You don’t need to use a box spring with it. The platform usually sits lower to the ground than a traditional timber bed frame with a box spring. 

Pick The Height

The height of the bed frame is another consideration. Decide which height will be comfortable for you as a higher mattress is easier for people with ability issues. If you like to say low to the ground, a platform bed is a good option. If you‘re looking for a taller timber bed frame then you can custom order the height of your choosing. 

Inspect The Support System

The main purpose of the bed frame is to support your mattress, you want to make sure the slat system is well built. Choose to Select a bed frame with strong slats that don’t mix up easily. Weak slats won’t give the mattress the support it needs, and it might be a break. Normally, hardwood slats like beech or popular are preferable to softwood slats like pine. Some bed frames have central support legs for extra strength. This can be especially helpful on larger beds. 

Ensure Overall Quality

You don’t want to compromise with material by selecting the cheapest option. You’ll find it doesn’t last or provide the kind of support you need. The overall quantity and craftsmanship of the frame before making your selection. Spending something extra on the quality will give your more support and a longer-lasting option. 

Buying a timber bed frame seems simple until you start shopping and discover the number of options available. Knowing what you need and how to select the best quality bed frame help you narrow your options. Contact us if you’ve any questions about timber beds or other furniture. 

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