What are the reliable formations in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

What are the reliable formations in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Like most modern sports games, FIFA 22 has received a lot of criticism for its lack of innovation since its release, but EA's praise is that the game balance has been significantly improved in this year's iteration. Therefore, this year players are free to try more formations and tactics, because there is no strong strategy to use, every player will eventually use it. So, in order to give players some ideas on how to play, here are some reliable formations.

The 442 formation is from the two most modern formations in the world to one of the oldest formations. The FIFA 22 Coins team can use the low block and counterattack, which is very suitable for fighting against powerful opponents in the Ultimate Team. Or, the team can use inverted wingers, and they can almost play like a midfielder. 4411 is a modern alternative to 442. This formation sacrifices a striker, but strengthens their midfield and creates more stability.

For FIFA players who want to use target forwards, this shape is a good choice because they can buy fast, agile wingers and full backs, who can penetrate wide areas and pass in the penalty area. If the plan fails, there is also a chance to play at the center, especially through CAM, which may become the main organizer of the team. Essentially, this shape provides a good balance in FIFA 22, allowing players to choose between midfield games or overloaded games on the wing to adapt to their opponents.

Like the 4411, the 5212 formation provides players with two clear offensive plans, because they can Buy FUT 22 Coins play the wing through the full-backs, and they can also focus on the creativity of No. 10. The main advantage of 5212 is that it provides the team with two forwards and ample goal threats for the opponent. Crossing is more effective in FIFA 22 than in FIFA 21, so having a full-back who can pass the ball accurately to two forwards is a promising prospect.

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