What Are the General Specifications of an Electric Power Transformer?

Vajra Transpower is one of the best current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad, which offers a wide range of electric power transformers such as 5 MVA transformer, power distribution transformer, and so on at the most affordable cost.

The electric power transformer is one type of transformer, which is used to transfer electrical energy to the electrical circuit between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. The most reliable and highly safe electric power transformers are used in distribution systems to interface step down and step up voltages.


Because of high demand and numerous applications in-home or industry, there are a number of power transformers manufacturing companies in India. The best power distribution transformer manufacturers, Vajra Transpower is among them and leading as low voltage power transformer manufacturer as well as power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad.


Vajra Transpower - Best transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad offering responsive as well as consistent electrical power distribution transformers. All our products such as transformers and stabilizers are properly tested with high standards, and all required tests are tested in our in-house testing facility.  We are also recognized as the best step up and step down transformer manufacturer at the most reliable cost.


As be the best power transformer distributor in Hyderabad We follow a standard testing system designed with more than 36 years of core experience and proven in the market, which achieved a lot of trust and respect as well as recognition. All the processes should be followed by the system, thus the quality and hassle-free service can be given. These electric power transformers transform the voltage. In an electric power transformer, one side is present to hold a low voltage, high current and on the other side, it holds high voltage, low current circuit.


Generally, current transformers are oil-immersed liquid-immersed and the life durability of this type of transformer is 30 years. As one of the top current transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, generally, we classified the power transformers and categorized as 3 types based upon the ranges, which include tiny power transformers, medium power transformers, and large power transformers. The range of these transformers is different like a range of power transformers from 500-7500kVA, medium power transformers from 100MVA, large power transformers from 100MVA beyond.


Electric Power Transformer configuration:

As we are famous as the best power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, we designed the power transformers in a specific way. We manufacture even 5 MVA 2.5 MVA electric transformers and are considered as 2.5 MVA Power Transformer Manufacturers also. The power transformer is designed or manufactured with laminated metal sheets. It is set in either a core way or shell way.


The body of the electric power transformer is wound and linked using conductors to make a single-phase or three-phase transformer. In addition, the single three-phase electric power transformer is shell or core type, it will not function even with one-bank flops. The designing cost of the three-phase electric transformer is less but high efficiency. For manufacturing power transformers, now Vajra Transpower is becoming one of the efficient transformers manufacturing industries in Hyderabad.


There are a number of important specifications to identify a good quality of electric power transformers. The specifications of the electric power transformer incorporate a maximum power rating, maximum secondary current rating, and maximum voltage rating. The general and reliable specifications of the electric power transformer formulated by the best transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. 


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