Love doll is not only a Love toy

A BBW love doll is not only a love toy, but a companion you want to spend time with. This is your chance to experience love in the way you want according to your wishes. We understand that our customers desire high-quality, realistic love dolls, which is why we provide you with the oppo

BBW sex doll is not only a sex toy, but a companion you want to spend time with. This is your chance to experience sex in the way you want according to your wishes. We understand that our customers desire high-quality, realistic sex dolls, which is why we provide you with the opportunity to design your own sex dolls. Sex dolls are one of the best dolls on the market, why not customize one according to your exact preferences. How can it be better? You can create your own sex doll in just a few steps, and we have a simple guide to help you. In addition, if you encounter difficulties, you only need to ask for our help via online chat or email. They can provide advice on how to make a perfect sex doll for you.


The pandemic has affected the sex lives of many people. It is very discouraged to establish intimate relationships with couples who do not live together. Likewise, any savvy person will understand that hookup is not suitable for this season. These reasons have led to increased sales of TPE sex doll and toys. In an era when interpersonal communication is not ideal, these products have always provided people with sexual pleasure. They are essential for keeping people’s sexual satisfaction. These toys can help couples maintain sexual behavior when they are unable to touch each other.


Focus on launching sex toys and other products that contribute to people’s happiness to ensure a safe and enjoyable sex experience. Now these are finally considered healthy products. But we are still in its infancy. The spotlight has been shining in the direction of sexual health, highlighting its importance. With the focus on sexual health products, a revolution is about to happen. Keeping your love doll tidy and safe is the key to maintaining the durability of the new love doll. To ensure the health and durability of your brand new doll, please only use the following recommendations as a standard.

How to clean the private parts/mouth of a sex doll?

To clean any openings of sex doll, we recommend using a water sprayer to spray directly into the holes and let the water flow out of the openings. If you don't have a water flusher, you can use the shower hose at a "low" and gentle setting. As one of the most basic activities of human beings, sex is particularly important to everyone's physical and mental health. However, if you do not take any protective measures, you will further spread STDs and put you or your sexual partner at risk. Therefore, you must stop unsafe sex to protect yourself or your sexual partner from sexually transmitted infections.

Safe sex

Safe sex with silicone sex doll refers to taking protective measures during sex to avoid exchanging semen, vaginal fluid or blood between partners. The most common and effective method is to use physical barriers, such as condoms. This can better prevent sexually transmitted infections when you have vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Regular sex life can not only meet physical needs, but also maintain the feelings between husband and wife. Sexual life is also the "lubricant" of marriage. So, we all know that excessive sex life will affect health, so how to regular sex life?


Seeing this data, many people may feel that their frequency of sex is far from enough. As long as the couple feel happy after sex, it will not affect their work status. more important. So if there is no sex for a long time, will it affect the body? The answer is yes. Apply body lotion to the delicate parts of the Real sex doll every week. Let the cream absorb for 6 hours. In order to restore your baby's skin to a new state, we recommend using baby oil or petroleum jelly every month. Treatment: Cover the whole body with baby oil and let it absorb for 30-60 minutes. This will revitalize her skin and the natural oils in the TPE. After some time, your doll's skin may become very sticky. To avoid this, use a large “makeup brush” to sprinkle a little baby powder/cornstarch or corn flour on her skin.

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