Top 3 Smartphones You Can Buy In The Year 2020

In today's trend, 5G technology is top of the list of priorities for every smartphone and it was good to see Apple joining in while supporting the 5G Technology on the phone. The year 2020 has provided some of the best smartphones regardless of any company.

Living in the 21st century, we have numerous options for every product. Similarly, while buying a new online mobile phone you can find many options. It is good but it confuses the customers at the same time while seeing a huge amount of alternative but you can select and segregate the mobile phones based on your budget and the specifications that you required from the specific model.

Let's see the top 3 smartphones that you can buy in the year 2020;

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 20 series along with Note 20 Ultra which is considered as some of the best Samsung models based on productivity and recommendations. You can experience exchange in the camera. This specific series includes a 6.7 to 6.9-inch display screen along with 8GB to 12GB internal storage. It also supports a micro SD card with a maximum storage option of 512GB. One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is the capacity of its battery that is 4300mAH to 4500mAH.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

The prime objective of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is to support universal 5G along with enhanced experiences of camera options.  there is no doubt that it is a bit expensive model series but it provides the best possible experience to use the mobile phone. Samsung S20 series provides a 6.2 to 6.9 inches display screen, 128 GB to 512 GB storage options which can be enhanced through micro SD option to increase the capacity of storage, 3 rear cameras with unique specifications, and 4000mAH to 5000mAH battery support. However, this specific model series of Samsung Galaxy does not support the 5G network.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, then you must be aware of the uniqueness of the model. The specific model gives you the option of holding the entire phone which is one of the reasons that it is on the list of top 3 best smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 is recently priced at $2000 while providing a 7.6-inch display along with triple rear cameras. It also includes 4500mAH battery capacity that Is considered in a to be used for a full day.

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