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The Certified Associate in Program Management (CAPM) is a PMI-authorized certification program that helps aspirants to get access to project management job opportunities

These associates work closely with industry leaders such as other PMPs to gain more experience and insights regarding the job. They can use these accounted work experiences to get the PMP titles themselves. However, many companies do prefer to employ CAPMs simply to make the task easier for their project managers since these individuals have the fundamental skills required to improve the efficiency of the project by coordinating various resources among the teams. Getting CAPM certified is not easy, and candidates do require a well-scheduled training routine to understand how to approach the exam. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular training exercises and aptitude tests for CAPM.



Simplilearn offers 11 hours of an interactive and practical learning experience in their CAPM training course. They also provide 23 PDUs to audit the experience earned. With two simulation exams, candidates can see how prepared they are on the aptitude front and check whether they should proceed to apply for the examination.



Pluralsight offers professional guidance for project management aspirants through certified trainers and instructor-led guidance programs. The courses are tailored to help the candidate learn the details of planning and executing projects. It prepared candidates for the CAPM examination through practical lessons and virtual labs. With enough assessments, candidates can prepare for the exam without any worries.



Greycampus approaches CAPM training through a boot camp process. This boot camp continues for two to three days, and candidates can access the material for a year. Besides, these candidates can evaluate their preparation through three simulation exams. Individuals can apply for group training, as well. Group training allows employers to train their existing employees without additional hiring costs.



Invensis provides candidates with standard practical tools and live classes for getting the requisite guidance. However, the additional features that make it stand out are the multiple mock sessions that come with it and the retrospective sessions to get an in-depth analysis of these tests. As a reliability measure, it also offers two months of additional lectures for their subscribers.



The Udemy course is packed with materials and mock sessions for the aspirants. While the charm of the course lies in the accountable 25 PDUs for training experience, the assessment training through more than 400 realistic and practical questions is a great way to nail your preparation. Besides, it also has more than 200 videos to keep you occupied and learning more all the time.


6. PMI

While PMI does not have a designated course to help the candidates, it does provide an easy solution to fulfill the eligibility criteria. After passing the Project Management Basics course, candidates can qualify for the exam without any additional clause. It also provides sample questions to help students test their own preparation and readiness for the exam.



Vinsys provides a program that prioritizes content quality. The course provides 23 PDUs along with major stress on project scope, time, and costs. They can learn about project integration and get practical ideas about the concepts mentioned as per the PMBOK guide. They also help students test their aptitude through mock exams and assessments. 



Alison is one of the few service providers who give free content and material worth 20-30 hours of training. They also provide a number of quality tests and assignments to help aspirants get an idea about what they learned from the course. Published in partnership with Workforce Academy, this course also provides a certificate after the completion of training.



With 600 questions and more than 300 practical lectures, this course is one of the best and value for money courses for students to improve their aptitude and skills. The CAPM examination training involves six processes and ten domains that cover the majority of the syllabus. A good analysis report also helps candidates to stress on their weak areas.



Not all courses provide an analysis of the content handbook, and Knowledge Hut does make sure that aspirants get all their doubts cleared down to the basics. The program also provides plenty of mock exams, two of which are completely free. 



Preparation for CAPM is extremely important since the entire point is to build experience and practical knowledge regarding the job and the associated domains. An essential part of preparing is gauging your own readiness, and there are several ways to do so. Candidates can rely on their own methods or online resources, depending on whatever suits them best.

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