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Why does digital marketing certification mean everything?

It is not something rare or uncommon to be perceived when it comes to product or service promotion

Things have changed for sure, once for what services used were limited to their utility. This was all due to ignorance and negligence of what technology can actually do to our lives.


Think of the internet, the modern-day marvel! It was purely used for e-communication. Which now we call e-mail. Then when things were off the hands of the US military and were released for the general public. Things started to get better and better, both for the civilizations as well as the scope of humans limits. Now we cannot think of a day without the internet and all its services.


Knowing the peculiarities and extent of the internet, people started using it for their domains. It has almost wiped out the print media to a great extent. When innovators create wonders, they have to sell it and reap the boon in ROI and revenues.


It is a common notion among all the marketing engineers and scientists. That a company has to invest at least 27x of their plant infrastructure cost solely on promotion and marketing activities, this number which they propose is universal irrespective of all product or service-based facilities.

This article digs deep into digital marketing, especially in the context of its certification. Like we have said earlier that today it might be unseen or irrelevant, but nobody knows the tomorrow. We shall look deep into its types. The article mingles every concept to user readability and comprehension. Things are made crisp and short of understanding the key takeaways!


Digital marketing

This concept is of recent days; it can be dated back to the 1990s when the term digital marketing was first used in the first search engine called ARCHIE. Gradually, we saw the resurrection of old marketing ways in the form of clickable web ad-banners in the year 1993. While the launch of Yahoo bought the world’s first e-commerce, called Netmarket. Then came a flood of search engines like Alexa, LookSmart, and HotBot.


With so much development ongoing, cited opportunity in social media marketing and launch its site in the year 1997. Then in the year 1998, something historic happened that changed the face value of the internet and continues to do so till now. Google was born along with counterparts like MSN. Google launched Google Panda, Google knowledge. This actually changed everything in social media marketing. Coders and animators, along with marketers, came into a single window and provided the best marketing solutions.


 Then applications like Snapchat were born in the year 2015; this application was unique in all means. It actually started the trend of predictive analytical content marketing in the form of instant articles. Though Facebook and Tumblr had played their part, Snapchat engulfed them all as a whole.

Today what we know is experts have categorized digital marketing into 11 modules or forms. These methods are un-identical to each other but share some dependence. These are as follows:

  • SEM
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • E-mail
  • Influencers
  • Viral
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Mobile


Some of them can be connected and presumed to befall in a single category. But due to their presence and different customer’s baseline, hence they are clubbed differently.

Here we shall discuss only the important methodologies and skip some for preference.


Search Engine Marketing 

If put simply, SEM is all about choosing a keyword or buzzword to promote your business or its presence on the internet. When a person needs a broom and searches for the word broom, then your company’s name will pop up in the first search result. This is algorithmic computation and placement of desired results at the top search lists.


Think of a cab service, and you are in Uzbekistan. Surely there are no users around in Uzbekistan, so when you search for a cab in Uzbekistan. Cab service providers like MY Taxi or Maxim will pop up in your search result. Companies pay the search engines for prompting and promoting their name in the search list of a specific keyword.


Search Engine Optimization

This can be understood as the background task running behind SEM. This follows a simple ranking analysis when you input keywords. Remember about the algorithm we talked about in SEM. SEO is the algorithm behind the search results. They are the quality links of websites behind every search result.


Pay per click

PPC is what a company pays to the search engine when customers visit their websites after searching with the related keywords. Often it is confused with clickbait, but this has a different framework and concept altogether.



Companies nowadays prefer to have their own digital marketer to take all the headaches involved in digital marketing. You can think of this as an IT-enabled extension of old marketing. As we have discussed in-depth about what digital marketing is? Now we are well aware of its market presence.


Experts now claim that the 27x can now be reduced to 12x with the use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a very cost-effective method to mend your presence instead of running hefty television advertisements; you can just set your click results to optimal and reap out the ROI.

Akshita Varma

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