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How To Be a Promo Girl for Your Favourite Brand

Many women would like to discover how to be a promo girl due to the fact that it is a well paid and fun filled job. They are employed by promotional or marketing companies to work on behalf of businesses who have products to promote. Often these businesses will be global corporations. This job can involve traveling, and attending many different promotional type events. It can therefore be seen to be a very glamorous industry to be involved in.

Getting Employed As A Promo Girl

Male customers are always drawn towards promo girls. It is a very effective marketing strategy, and for that reason there are many different promotional companies in operation all across the United States. This means that there should always be a local company to apply to become a promo girl. It must be remembered, however, this job will often entail a lot of traveling. Each company will have a hiring manager, who is the person who will carry out all recruitment. These people must be impressed by a girl's looks and personality otherwise they will not be hired, or even invited for an interview.

What It Takes

You must have a friendly personality and a happy, smiling face. They must appear to be approachable at all times, and should enjoy talking to strangers. The job is about promoting a brand or product, and so you must be able to speak confidently on that topic. They should have a knowledge of whatever it is they are promoting and be able to answer questions on it. In addition to having a good personality you must also be attractive to any potential male customers. They are always very well presented in terms of hair and make up, and they take care of their bodies.

How To Act

This job can be a lot of fun, but it must also be remembered that it is a job. You must always behave in a way which reflects well upon the company they are representing. It would be a bad idea, for example, when working for an alcoholic drinks company to drink any of the free samples. They usually work in groups, and for this reason it is crucial that they all get on well together. The job involves being friendly to both colleagues and members of the public. In terms of the latter, there is no problem with promo girls flirting with male customers, in fact it is often encouraged.

Knowing how to be a promo girl involves more than just landing the job. A successful promoter will make whatever she is promoting appear to be more appealing. She will do this by being friendly, approachable, and attractive.

For those of you wanting to become promo girls in the beverage industry, go ahead and learn the knowledge and skills that is going to give you the control to go out and get your dream job.

We are Hostesses agency in Heverlee, Belgium where you can Book your team of hostesses, parking boys, cloakroom staff more. Get quote now.




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