What are the most powerful Builds in POE Heist

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The POE Heist league released by GGG in the middle of last month provides new opportunities for players seeking excitement. They can get many precious items or abundant POE Currency by robbing treasures or robbing others in the game. Because the enemies associated with Contracts and Grand Heists are so powerful, many players are looking for buildings that can cause a lot of damage and receive the same punishment. Like the usual leagues, there are also many outstanding Builds in the league that are playing a prominent role.

Take the Poison Blade Vortex Assassin as an example. This is a spell that can help players quickly clear away threats around them. Since it attacks so quickly, it is a perfect skill to use alongside a poison Assassin. Since Assassin can stack poison stacks to ludicrous levels, this build has a significant amount of single target potential once players have decent gear and gem links. While this build has top-tier clear speed and has plenty of headroom for upgrades, it’s tough to league start or level with.

There is also a build that highly used by players called Archmage Ball Lightning. Although some players find that they can’t play Ball Lightning’s ability well in the league, if they use this skill with Archmage, it will deal higher and more terrifying damage. The principle is that after the players drink a bottle of forbidden mana bottle, they can release spells almost unlimitedly and cause huge damage in the next few minutes. Because of this, many players have included it as one of the mainstream Builds.

In other words, if players want to get more achievements in the game, they can also go to some reliable third-party agent websites to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to make their robbery journey more interesting. Now that the development of the league has entered a white-hot state, every player should invest more.


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