Path of Exile: the strengths of the character

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Path of Exile uses three main attributes, strength, agility, and intelligence-and its seven playable character categories (also called core categories) are each associated with one or more attributes. The player selects a category for his character in the character creation screen. A newly created character begins to travel through Wraeclast in Twilight. Each character category has a different starting position on the passive skill tree, and has starting attributes, statistics and task rewards. Later, after the maze is completed, the player can specialize the character by selecting POE Currency. The available subcategories depend on the selected character category.

Trickster is an Ascendant passive skill based on Ascendant in the Trickster Ascendancy category. If you have used the movement skill in the past 4 seconds, this skill gives you the opportunity to generate energy impulse and zealous charge at the same time when you kill, and you have the opportunity to cause extra damage based on the non-chaotic damage at the time of the hit and flat mana regeneration If you have not been hit in the past 4 seconds, you can reduce your immunity. In addition, if you kill an enemy affected by your damage in the past 4 seconds, you can improve your recovery ability.

Trickster is the most versatile advantage in the game. The benefits of Trickster are almost every build in the game. Builds that break over time particularly like Trickster's Harness Void and Patient Reaper Node, although virtually any build can benefit from it.
Every node on Trickster is very good and contributes a solid foundation for offense and defense. From the beginning of the league to the end of the game, Trickster is one of the best take-offs players can choose.

Passive skills will increase the damage of creeps, increase the attack speed and casting speed of each user’s aura, and if you have recently consumed a corpse, it will increase the range of action for you and your creeps, and cause the provided skills to also apply to that user. The effect is reduced.

The dark commander and the corpse node constitute a solid support force, and can also play a mixed role of a small soldier/support force. If you want to perform better in the path of exile, you can Buy POE Currency at IGGM, which will make your game road more smooth.


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